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About Us

At QLINK , we develop fully Customized Application Software for your Business.
Windows Desktop Development is the most important part of computer programming, We develop desktop software by using latest microsoft technologies.
Also we have an expert team to develop websites and mobile apps.

Our Softwares Is :

Easy to use , good interface , latest technologies

Here are the three basic types of development:

  • Desktop development is small development for a single computer with a single database. Its relevantly easy to develop and less time consuming.
  • Client-Server Applications will run with more then one computer. Every computer connected with server using network, server will provide data and other computers will have business application.
  • Mobile App Development consists of Android, iPhone and Windows mobile app development. Every device needs to develop separately.

QLINK Company uses the following Windows Environment for Application Development:

  • Operating system is Windows 7 or newer
  • Server is Windows server or Linux
  • Microsoft SQL , Mysql, Or Oracle for Database
  • Microsoft Visual Studio for development
  • And different Mobile for app development
  • .Net form framework ,.Net Core framework


QLINK HR Assistant

Companies Module

Register all companies, follow expiry date, archiving system, attached companies,government forms

Cars Management Module

Register all cars,follow expiry date, archiving system,maintenance, expenses,delivery movements

Employees Module

Register your employees,follow expiry civil Id, Passports and other documents, archiving system,civil id reader,oversease,government forms

Payroll Module

Kuwaiti Law,Leave Management,Loans, Time Attendance, Indeminty,Salaries

New feature : Civil ID Card Reader

Data entery now is auto fill with this new feature

You can attache the employee civil id card to the device connected to the software, then we will fill all employee information from the civil id

It is easy to use, no data entry errors, very quick.

New features to make easy for you

Design your own reports as you want
Arabic & English

Add your own word files to the system
Print it with no data entry

Upload your data to the system from excel files

Internal web browser
bookmark your important web sites

Payroll System

- Leave Management System as per kuwaiti Law

- Attendance Module

- Loans Management Module

- Shifts Management

- Indemnity calculation as per kuwaiti Law

- Salaries calculation as per kuwaiti Law




KWD300 /User

  • Companies Module
  • Projects Module
  • Expenses Module
  • Cars Module
  • Employees Module
  • Archiving Add-On
  • Printing Forms
  • Notifications Module


KWD500 /User

  • Companies Module
  • Projects Module
  • Expenses Module
  • Cars Module
  • Employees Module
  • Archiving Add-On
  • Printing Forms
  • Notifications Module
  • Leave Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Payroll Module
  • MS Word Manager
  • MS Excel Uploader
  • Report Designerli>



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